Vinyl & Leather Maintenance Guide

1. Take constant care to avoid spills and tears on leather and vinyl surfaces. Use a small upholstery brush attachment to vacuum dirt and debris from the surface. Take special care around seams, as this is where most tears will occur.

2. Whenever possible park your vehicle in a garage or use a windshield visor. In Southern climates like ours, tinted windows are a must. Prolonged sun will age the leather and fade the color dramatically over time.

3. Once a week, wipe down surfaces with a soft damp cloth, to eliminate dust.

4. Once a month, condition interior following manufacturer’s recommendations. Over use of conditioners will prevent the leather from breathing so limit conditioner use to ever 30 days. Be sure to wipe off product completely to avoid build up and dulling. Conditioners keep the material soft and supple and helps prevent cracking. Be sure all cleaning, conditioning, and protective products are made specifically for leather or vinyl surfaces as other products can damage the integrity of the material. Never use silicone-based products to clean or condition your car interior (Silicone-based products will draw the moisture from your leather, increasing the likelihood of cracking)! The only products Dark Dog Customs recommends for leather and vinyl interiors are Lexol or Vinylex - both products are water-based and produced locally in Marietta, GA.

5. Once a quarter, thoroughly clean surfaces. Apply conditioning and a protecting cream every three months during deep cleaning.

6. Have minor rips and stains repaired by a professional as soon as they occur. If you notice a rip or worn spot in you vinyl or leather upholstery, contact Dark Dog Customs.  Very often a small area can be repaired instead of replacing an entire seat.  Proper care over a lifetime will greatly extend the life of your car interior.

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